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Rex's Foodland is a locally owned store that has been serving the Chapel Hill area for more than 12 years.  We are located at 4666 South Nashville Hwy in Chapel Hill Tennessee.

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Rex's Foodland is owned and operated by Rex Messick, with the assistance of his son Chris Messick. The business was purchased on January 17, 1996, previously known as Moorehead's Foodland.

On January 1, 1997, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) was formed as: R & G Foods, LLC by Rex and his wife, Glenda.

Rex, brings to this business, a background of extensive experience in retail, as well as the wholesale grocery business. His first experience in the grocery business was in his pre-teen years at a small grocery store, racking bottles and filling up drink boxes to make a few cents. His first regular employment, at age 16, was at Searcy's Packing House Market in Andalusia, Alabama, working 47 hours a week for $10.00.

Rex spent 14 years with Delchamps, Inc. in Mobile, Ala, starting as an apprentice meat cutter at $1.10 per hour and worked his way up to market manager, store manager, and then Training Director for the entire chain.

In 1976, Rex followed his dream to do for himself what he had done for Delchamps. Rex's Dixie Dandy in Wilmer, Alabama was extremely successful with an increase in business by six times what it was doing at the time the store was purchased. The business was sold 10 years later. Although the name changed, it is still known today, by many in the community, as Rex's, because of his sincerity in providing customer service and winning the hearts of all the kids in the area. You see… Rex believes that the difference you make in a kid's life is much more meaningful than an individual's financial net worth.

Rex gained additional valuable experience in the wholesale side of the grocery business by working, up to the time of the purchase of this store, as retail counselor and Tennessee Division Manager for Mitchell Grocery, Inc., a wholesale grocery company in Albertville, Alabama.

Chris cut his teeth in the grocery business at Rex's Dixie Dandy. He was 10 years old at the time the business was purchased and he grew up in it, along with his younger brother and sister. Unlike the other two siblings, he stayed in the grocery industry. He remained as the market manager when the store was sold in 1986. Later he followed in his Dad's footsteps and worked with Delchamps for a number of years until moving to Chapel Hill to work in a family business once again.

Rex’s Foodland at 305 South Horton Parkway was very successful with substantial growth. A major portion of the earnings was reinvested back into the store to update it each year; however, there was no feasible solution to the severe problem with parking that resulted from the expanded business. Therefore Rex began planning to further grow the business in a new location to provide a greater service to the community for many years to come.

In the year 2000, land was purchased, approximately ˝ mile south of the original location. Many speculated that it would never happen because of the rock; however, a new 25000 sq ft store opened on November 3, 2004. Rex has been credited by many as the one that spurred the interest of other businesses in Chapel Hill to expand to meet the growing needs of the growing community. In addition, Rex developed the surrounding property of the new location and, to date, has sold 6 of the 7 out parcels that brought more new businesses to Chapel Hill.  He also completed an 8,000 sq ft building adjacent to Rex’s Foodland on the North end that is leased by Family Dollar and a 6,000 sq ft building on the South end.  Rex and Glenda opened Endless Summer Tanz & Video in one of the three suites on the South end 

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide a quality grocery store with friendly courteous service that the people of Chapel Hill and surrounding areas can be proud to shop in.

  • Provide increase job opportunities for adults in the community, as well as, teens still in school that are interested in learning the business.

  • Give back to the community through worthy causes, community organizations, and schools.

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