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Community Boards

We take much pride in partnering with schools, churches and non-profit organizations to provide educational and leadership support for our children, as well as help for those adults faced with unique financial challenges.   To better serve that purpose, we implemented Community Boards with our Smart Shopper Savers Program in June 2006. 

Here is How it Works

  • Schools, Churches, and other non-profit organizations and charitable events may register with Rex's Foodland for a Community Board for the organization as a whole and/or for a specific fund raiser.
  • Each time a customer shops at Rex's Foodland, they receive a Smart Shopper Stamp for each $5.00 in purchases (excluding tobacco and sales tax). 
  • The customer may use the stamps toward purchases or choose to donate those stamps to one of the registered schools or charities by placing their stamps on the community board.  
  • The organization may also take additional grids to their location to collect stamps within the organization.  The organization may use the grids as they wish to pomote the collection of stamps through competition of smaller groups, etc.
  • Quarterly Rex's Foodland will donate $10.00 to that organization for every board that is filled

The customers decide which organization to support

Non-Profit Organizations Earning Cash with the Community Boards 

  1. Chapel Hill Community Baptist
  2. Chapel Hill Elementary School
  3. Chapel Hill United Methodist Benevolence
  4. Chapel Hill Voluntary Fire Department
  5. Chapel Hill Youth Baseball
  6. Chapel Hill Youth Football
  7. Community Elementary School of Unionville
  8. Community Fellowship Church
  9. Cub Scout Pack 352
  10. Cumberland Presbyterian Women's Ministry
  11. Delk Henson Intermediate School
  12. Eagleville School
  13. Edward Grove Church
  14. Farmington Baptist Church
  15. F.C.A.
  16. Forrest School Athletic Department
  17. Forrest School Band of Blue
  18. Forrest School Beta Club
  19. Forrest School Cheerleaders
  20. Forrest FFA
  21. Forrest Golden Goal Club
  22. Friends of Henry Horton State Park
  23. Good Samaritan
  24. Grace Church
  25. Henry Horton Step Back in Time
  26. Holts Corner Baptist Church
  27. Horton Haven Christian Camp
  28. Jr. Pro Basketball
  29. Mt Vernon Missionary Baptist Church
  30. Promise United Methodist Church
  31. Smyrna Baptist

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