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BREAKFAST FOOD                                       ENTREE
    Bacon & Egg Casserole                                            Chicken Parmesan
Easy Cinnamon Biscuits                                           Crunchy Chicken Fingers
    Strawberry Stuffed French Toast                            BBQ Chicken Pizza 
    Brown Sugar Biscuits                                              Chicken Stuffed Shells

                                                                                   Potato Pizza
Holiday Turkey Casserole
                                                                                   Shrimp Pizza Wedges 

                                                                                   Better Than BestFried Chicken
                                                                                   Chili-Vegetable Soup

DESSERT                                                    SANDWICH
   Fresh Lemon Sunshine Cake                                      Cheeseburger Bake
    Easter Party Cake                                                     Ham and Cheese Melt

    Chocolate Caramel Brownies                                      Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers
    Banana Pudding
Blueberry Peach Crisp
    Apple Cream Dessert
Spiderweb Munch
    Currant Square

BREAD                                                      SOUP
    Overnight Bubble Bread                                            Potato Corn Chowder
    Cheesy Chicken Rolls                                              Chicken and Potato Soup

VEGETABLE                                                SNACKS
    Creamy Brussels Sprouts                                            Double Peanut Snack Mix
    Cheese Rosti                                                              Veleeta Cheese Dip
    Sweep Potato Casserole                                            


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